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Elaheh Salehi Rizi

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Elaheh Salehi Rizi received her Ph.D. in French Comparative Literature from the Université Côte d'Azur (France) in 2017. Given her high interest in French linguistics, she decided to undertake another PhD in this field. Her goal would be to carry out research on the "Linguistic Variations of French Misogynistic Tweets in France and Canada”. She is interested in computational linguistics, natural language processing, sociolinguistics (variations), semantics, morphology and syntax, statistics and linguistics. She speaks French, English, Persian, and Azeri, and she knows some Arabic, German, Spanish and Turkish.


Samantha Carron

Editorial Board

I received my master’s degree in seventeenth century French literature – Corneille’s classical theatre – from the University of Calgary. I am now a PhD student in French and Francophone Literature with a research interest in women’s writing and feminist studies within the seventeenth century in France and New France. My Doctoral project focuses on Marie de l’Incarnation and the construction of the self (ethos) in her Correspondance, and her intimate journals – the Relation de 1633 and the Relation de 1654. More specifically, I am interested in how Marie’s texts are a trace of her relationship with herself which she conceived via her erotic relationship with God, not conforming with the figure constructed retroactively by her editors. In this, Marie’s texts are an expression of her agency and thus suggest a “Marie before the Incarnation”.