Editors’ Note


Welcome to Interlingua’s second official issue! Since the journal was established in 2016 by former students in the French, Italian and Spanish department, only one issue saw the light of day. We thought it was time to dust off Interlingua and provide a venue for outstanding student publications. We are fortunate to have four excellent contributions from graduate students as well as two from advanced undergraduate students at the University of Calgary. All six contributions focus on different projects and different themes, and they are written in different languages, showcasing the diversity of Interlingua and the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures. We are particularly happy to see how Interlingua has grown with the kind support of our faculty mentors, and peers. Their help was crucial in the peer-reviewing process. 

For our upcoming issue, we are pleased to announce that we will extend our publication outside the University of Calgary and welcome contributions from other graduate students, from all across Canada. We will also include a special section on language attitudes.

We hope that you enjoy reading the original contributions, and we encourage you to submit a paper for our next issue!


The editorial board,

 Elaheh Salehi Rizi                                        Samantha Carron

This new issue is based on students’ work at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels and involves different themes and languages. The work highlighted here has been carefully reviewed by two individuals with a background in the various topics. The goal of this issue is to showcase the diversity of our School and to promote the languages in which students work.